Grower Meeting

Grower Meeting SSFPL Growers (Kasbe Sukena Area) @ 15.12.2014:

Conducted By - SSFPL Staff, Bayer Crop Science team.

Objectives of the Meeting :
- Technical Guidance on Spray as per NRCG list and dealing with recently changed climatic conditions
- Present international market scenario, discussed on farmer queries.
- Focus to target specific market
- Focus on Special MRL requirement.
- Build good relation with growers.

Chief Speaker and subject :
- Mr. Laxman Savalkar- Present international market scenario, discussed on farmerqueries.
- Mr. Manoj Darade- Technical Guidance on recently changed climatic conditions.

Discussed Points.
October Pruning technical guidance (Bayer) and Discussion on company vision (SSFPL)
- Pest & disease management :Mealy bug, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew.
- Use more biopesticide like pseudomonas basillus subtilus, tricoderma.
- Use of branded bio- chemicals to avoid adulteration.
- Use of chemical according their PHI.
- Use Special Customer banned chemical list for Special MRL.
- Canopy management.